Why Innovation Matters

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Have you ever wondered companies launch new products every now and then even though they already have a killer one which shoots their sales to the roof? Innovation is a must especially in the cutthroat business industry. Whatever size or stage your business is in, you need to be ready to revolutionize the way you run it and more often than not, revolutionizing it means repackaging your products and services. More

3 Lessons to Learn From Chinese Small Business Owners

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The Chinese people are rapidly being known worldwide because of their relatively cheap labor prices. Apart from that however, the Chinese are well-known in the business industry for the qualities inherent to them which makes them good business leaders one can emulate. More

The Relevance of Proofreading to Your Business

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Have you ever read a blog post or a tweet that contains more grammatical and spelling errors than a 5thgrader’s creative writing article? If you have a blog, don’t you just automatically delete comments which don’t make sense at all? I mean, yes, what they’re saying may have a point but it looks to be so poorly translated that it gives you a migraine just reading it.


5 Ways to Business Networking Success

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It’s great that amidst the social media hype, there are still social networking activities which do not only focus on a business’ online reputation. Local businesses have as much chance to meet with like-minded people in their community in a face-to-face setting. Don’t get me wrong, social networking sites are a great help since it has a larger scope but it is equally important that small business owners get more involved in personal commitment within their own community by being physically present in both general and exclusive events. More

4 Things You Need to Understand About Your Customers

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Maintaining a good relationship with customers is vital to business. This is one aspect that small businesses can take directly to the bank. So how exactly can a small business owner ensure customer loyalty? One doesn’t need to have a degree in psychology to analyze what your customers want. It’s as basic as putting yourself in their shoes. We have all been customers. We patronize specific foodchains, stores and yes, even websites. Something about a certain retailer earns our loyalty that we keep coming back. More

Copyright Infringement and Your Business

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Business is an economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for money (usually, unless otherwise stated) on the basis of their perceived worth. Every business requires some form of investment and an increasing number of customers to whom its output can be sold at profit on a consistent basis. But in the quest to increase your profits, are you sure that there are no laws that you go against? More

Simple Tips for Mompreneurs

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Mothers who manage their own businesses (mompreneurs, as we like to call them) are in a league all their own. It is simply amazing how women can juggle taking care of their family and running a business. In research conducted by Regus, data shows that some companies are hesitant to hire working moms. This is probably one of the driving forces that lead mompreneurs to start their own business! More

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