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The Chinese people are rapidly being known worldwide because of their relatively cheap labor prices. Apart from that however, the Chinese are well-known in the business industry for the qualities inherent to them which makes them good business leaders one can emulate. I remember when I was quite young, my mother had (and still has) a lot of Chinese business people who comes over for coffee or dinner. As a child, I never quite got how adults could enjoy a good meal while talking about business but now that I got older, I could relate better to that scenario. So what qualities does Chinese business people have which sets them apart from the rest of us?

The first one is that they show resilience amidst adversity. We are all aware of how the quality of goods are when it’s made in China. If you haven’t experienced it on your own, surely you have read the news about Chinese-made products. Yet, despite the bad publicity regarding the quality of their goods, most entrepreneurial ventures still arise.

The second quality I find very commendable about Chinese business people is that they believe that there is no better time to start a business than today. Procrastination is definitely not what they believe in and in my opinion, procrastinating can be one of the causes of failures in any business.

While it is good and monetarily beneficial to be absorbed in running your business, you would need to know which are most important in your life. For the Chinese, it’s always been about family and it’s a very endearing quality. It might be true that Chinese parents are slowly gearing their children to take on roles in their companies or their businesses but it also shows that they are fiercely loyal to their respective families and that is one proof that money and business just comes in second.