[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false]Mothers who manage their own businesses (mompreneurs, as we like to call them) are in a league all their own. It is simply amazing how women can juggle taking care of their family and running a business. In research conducted by Regus, data shows that some companies are hesitant to hire working moms. This is probably one of the driving forces that lead mompreneurs to start their own business!

Entrepreneurship allows working mothers the flexible lifestyle they need to juggle work and life.  Here are some guiding tips to help mompreneurs stay focused and grow their business.

Finding the Right Balance
Women have always been good at multi-tasking. Trying to stay connected with your family while putting in the hours at the office can take a toll on anyone. What if I told you that it is possible to have a maintain good work-life balance without jeopardizing your career or your relationships?  Every couple of months, work out a schedule with your partner and split up responsibilities. It is difficult to be away from the kids during the day but try spending at least 20 mins alone with each of your children and just talk about their day.  If possible, try not to spend too much time in the office after hours.

Playing with the Guys
Some industries or companies today are still dominated by men at the top. Momtrepeneurs have the great advantage of being their own boss and no longer have to be wary of the glass ceiling!

Connect with other women!
It is very likely there are other women in your community that have been there or are also trying to create a successful business while juggling family responsibilities. The good news is that there are mentors who will gladly help you out. Connect with like-minded individuals and you will surely find invaluable advice and resources.  Many counties have local programs like Back2Work with U program in Singapore or the 10,000 women program in Philippines that provide training and mentorship for women entering or re-entering the workforce.

It is possible to have your cake and eat it too. Mompreneurs have as much a chance as anybody to succeed. Hundreds of thousands of working mothers who have already taken the plunge and started their thriving businesses.