[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] Social networking is a common enough concept that small business owners understand fully. However, a call to action is needed because entrepreneurs need to do better to be better. It’s not enough that you have a steady following, the reason that networking sites and events are increasing in number is that there’s never enough networking to do.

It goes without saying that the wider your network is, the higher likelihood of your business to be successful. Entrepreneurs need to be in constant motion, perfecting their skills. Supposing you have already started to build your network, that’s no excuse to rest on your laurels. The world is a big place and conquering it means you need to step out of your doorway and start networking if you haven’t already. Now, what you need to do is to brush up on your networking skills to get you and your business known.

Here are some tips:

  • Be open to making new friends and acquaintances.
  • Learn how to communicate with other people.
  • Help others. You would be surprised how helping other people could get you a long way. You have to prove that you are invaluable. Otherwise, people would just pass up the chance to meet with you and talk to you.
  • Always do a follow up. For example, if you had asked for help, be sure to thank your network whether their input is helpful or not, it is always good form to say thanks.
  • If you are attending networking meetings, don’t be late and don’t leave early. Grab this opportunity to be heard and to listen.
  • Build relationships. Business contacts are never just business contacts. It is a connection, one that needs careful attention and follow through.

Polishing and constantly checking up on your networking skills is a good (not to mention cheap) investment. It is a social world we live in and we all need to step up our game to be a success.