[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false]Marketing your brand is not just about having people tell others how great it is. It’s not just about paying for expensive ads or getting models and celebrities to talk about you. It’s about social engagement.

Reaching out to other entrepreneurs and customers and making yourself (and your brand) heard through blogging is a marketing concept that’s taking the web by storm. People now are quick to judge whether an email or a post is spam or not judging by the content. If the post or the email you get is a sales pitch, chances are you delete it right away. So what’s wrong with a sales pitch? Nothing except that people are rarely sold out on your idea. Why? For the simple reason that they don’t know you.

Nowadays, before you can entice people to even look at your site, they’d have to be really curious. One of the ways to pique their¬†curiosity is through blogging. And I’m not talking about a sales pitch that you call a blog. I’m talking about content that’s going to help others. You have to fill a need, answer a question, give opinion about the latest trends. It’s marketing with a twist. People would get to know you more by the reputation you build. It’s a slow process but then, all things which lasts usually takes time. You would just need to be patient, do some research on the topics relevant to businesses today, write clearly (and watch your grammar), rinse and repeat.