Tips to Improve Your Networking Skills

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[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] Social networking is a common enough concept that small business owners understand fully. However, a call to action is needed because entrepreneurs need to do better to be better. It’s not enough that you have a steady following, the reason that networking sites and events are increasing in number is that there’s never enough networking to do.

It goes without saying that the wider your network is, the higher likelihood of your business to be successful. Entrepreneurs need to be in constant motion, perfecting their skills. More

Winning in Small Business: It’s All About Strategy

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[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] Succeeding in business cannot be left to chance. The approaches and tactics you come up with to improve your enterprise is all because of a strategy that you’ve already thought of which you think would help in running your company. Without a sound strategy, your small business would join the growing statistics of doomed businesses.

Strategy is critical to any business because it would give you a perspective on where you want your business to be and how it would get there. Too often, small business owners are too wrapped up in managing their businesses that creating a strategy for long-term and short-term success is delayed or worse, not done at all. More

The Rise of Small Business Bloggers

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[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false]Marketing your brand is not just about having people tell others how great it is. It’s not just about paying for expensive ads or getting models and celebrities to talk about you. It’s about social engagement.

Reaching out to other entrepreneurs and customers and making yourself (and your brand) heard through blogging is a marketing concept that’s taking the web by storm. People now are quick to judge whether an email or a post is spam or not judging by the content. If the post or the email you get is a sales pitch, chances are you delete it right away. So what’s wrong with a sales pitch? Nothing except that people are rarely sold out on your idea. Why? For the simple reason that they don’t know you. More

Building Better Business Relationships: Your Weapon for Success

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[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] Small business owners are trying hard to keep with the times and one of the trends is now becoming a necessity: going all in on social networks.

Unfortunately, there are still some newbies in the industry who think that just because they are a member of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social networks, it’s already enough. No other steps to take, no other things to do. The reason why social media is all the rage is because it builds relationships. You, the small business owner, should connect with people before you could hope to win them over.


Resilience in Small Business: A Must

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[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] You can ask any small business owner and they would all tell you that passion and determination are key to being successful. The world may be fraught with disasters and political and economic downturns but the one thing that small business owners should have is a good helmet for protection.

In a very insightful article from The Frugal Entrepreneur I’ve read recently about the Japan disaster, it strikes me that yes, there are no guarantees in anything that we do but that should not impede us from recovering from it. More

The Power of the Written Word

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[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] I read an interesting article lately regarding what language should a blogger use if he/she is not a native English speaker. There are a lot of people worldwide who use blogs. Some maintain it for business purposes while others do so for personal use.

While it is true that the English language is universal, we cannot deny the fact that many people have their own dialects that they prefer using for their blogs. This is great if your target market speaks the same language that you do or if you’re blogging just so you can share your personal experiences to select readers. More

What I Learned About Business From My Mother

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[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] My mom is not a business savante. She has a degree in Economics but she never used it. She just stayed at home and raised her kids. Today, I find that her advices keeps me afloat in business.

“If I’d want something done my way, I’d have to do it myself.”

I’m not against delegating tasks but if they are all-too important that you cannot afford any mistakes, just do it yourself than take the chance and risk failing at it just because for some reason or other you didn’t have the time to do so. It’s all about time management and prioritizing. More

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