‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ The below information is quoted from the article written by Steve Woodruff, the author of Small Business Branding.  He wrote 10 Small Business Lessons he personally have learned. Below is the fifth lesson he listed that I believe there are still a lot of entrepreneurs have not realized to maximized the Web.

Take full advantage of cheap and free communications. One of my first acts was to launch a blog (using WordPress), and write articles of interest (granted, not everyone is a writer – I happen to thoroughly enjoy working with words). Then, very inexpensively, I began a weekly e-newsletter using Constant Contact (the “Friday Collection”) which goes out to my target audience with news, resources, and links – and, with continual repetition of my business identity. I invested the grand sum of $50.00 to have a “caricature” made of my face, which now appears on the newsletter and on all my e-mails. Each of these initiatives has been a tremendous success, with very little invested except some time and creativity. Free press releases, announcements in trade magazines, posts on other blogs – the methods for gaining exposure are legion, and increasingly, free. It doesn’t cost much anymore to effectively brand yourself and your business – esp. important for small companies, start-ups, and consultants.

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