Common Small Business Marketing Errors

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‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ If your business is losing money, you should not remain blind and deaf. There must be something you need to know why it happened. At first instance of lost, you need to investigate and find out immediately. Do not wait for it to happen again. Operating a business is prone to errors. Even the top marketing experts commit error. To counteract on this, you must be aware of the most common marketing errors. More

Be Successful With Well Oriented Marketing Plan

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‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ In order to stay successful in your business career, you must be well oriented with your marketing plan. Marketers should always consider the relationship established before anything else. You should not limit yourself to just selling something to the people, this should just be the end result, but the primary objective should be to set the relationship first. Creating social relationship is not easy; you need to have a good strategy before taking a risk to plunge with the sea of people. More

Learning from Small Business Mistakes

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‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ The life cycle of the typical small business is short and painful. It starts out with a dream and ends with a whimper. And in between, a struggle of Herculean proportions is played out as the owner tries to figure out why the business isn’t succeeding.

Just for as to remember: “When you examine the reasons that cause business failures, you begin to understand that most business failures are preventable.” More

Online Marketing Made Easy


‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ I happened to pass by a site named: SMBCEO where guest blogger has written an excellent post about social media marketing tools. The guest blogger is  Amanda Moshier, a staff writer and editor at Wpromote, Inc., the #1 search marketing firm in the US as ranked by Inc. 500. More

Entrepreneurs Must Always Be Cautious!

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‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ Entrepreneurs must always be cautious!

Subcontractors.  This is a relationship that screams for a contract.

You are asking someone who is not an employee to do work for you. You will be paying them. There are parameters that should be nailed down, agreed to, and put in writing. More

10 Tips from Marketing Start Up Blog

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‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ Today, Marketing will no longer requires us to spend thousands of dollars before we can market our business and get our start ups noticed. Below are The 10 Tips from Marketing Start Up Blog. More

7 Critical Truths About Accountability

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‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ Tim Berry has an excellent post about accountability and 7 critical truths attached to it.  Well, accountability is the capacity to account for one’s actions; or as a representative of one’s organization, to account for either your actions or the actions of your organization.  It is being responsible of what you do. More

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