[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] My mom is not a business savante. She has a degree in Economics but she never used it. She just stayed at home and raised her kids. Today, I find that her advices keeps me afloat in business.

“If I’d want something done my way, I’d have to do it myself.”

I’m not against delegating tasks but if they are all-too important that you cannot afford any mistakes, just do it yourself than take the chance and risk failing at it just because for some reason or other you didn’t have the time to do so. It’s all about time management and prioritizing.

“Success doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen over time.”

When running a small business, it is fairly easy to give up when the odds are against you. Be resilient and continue to persevere.

“I’ve been there and I’ve done that so you better listen to me.”

There are a lot more experienced entrepreneurs out there than you. Take heed of their advices and tips. If it worked for them, there’s a good chance it will work for you too.

“Never forget where you came from”

No matter how successful your small business is, you need to take some time off from operating it and give back to the community. You were once a struggling amateur yourself and now that you have learned a lot (hopefully) from your mistakes or from the mistakes of others, be sure to share your knowledge. Remember that you were once in their shoes too.

“Maintain your integrity.”

No matter how “tempting” it may be to stray away from established business ethics, you should never give in to that temptation. There is nothing more important than keeping your honor. In today’s economy, small businesses vie for the best ranking and the highest sales. There are strategies that you need to incorporate into your business to make it grow but always do it with your integrity, your honor in check.

“Where are your manners? I think you may have misplaced them.”

You may be a big shot in business but you should always remember to mind your manners. It wouldn’t hurt to say “please”, “thank you” or “I’m sorry”. Believe me, there’s not enough money in the world to buy loyalty, respect and admiration. You need to earn them. And one of the contributing factors for you to earn them is how you treat people, how you make them feel.

“Wishing wouldn’t get you anywhere. Work hard for what you want and focus.”

In any endeavor, you need to be determined enough to pursue what you want. Without focusing on what needs to be done and the determination to achieve it, your small business would only look good on paper but you would not see any results. Your venture would not last long either.

“Never do something halfheartedly.”

Owning a business is not easy. There are many challenges you have to face and in order to emerge victorious, you have to be passionate about what you do. If you have the passion and the will, you would certainly go places.

There are countless advice, tips and other words of wisdom that my mother taught me. Those I’ve mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg but those are the main points, the most important lessons in business that I have learned from my mom.