[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] Right about now you may be wondering: “Who the heck are the Robinsons?” I’m referring to the Disney movie, Meet the Robinsons.

So now you know and still you’re scratching your head wondering what this blog is all about. No, it’s not about cartoons. It’s a bit about the movie, a bit about small business and a lot about what entrepreneurs can learn.

Here are some of my takeaways:

  • It doesn’t matter where you come from (or who your mother is, in Louis’ case), your success would be because of how you work hard to achieve it.
  • Even if other people try to put down your business or your invention for that matter, there’s always going to be people who believes in you and what you can do. You have to take good care of your relationship with them (business or otherwise).
  • Your mantra should be “keep moving forward”. You may have stumbled, tripped, made bad business decisions that you’re still reeling from but you have to remember that there’s always a solution. Just keep trying and don’t let past mistakes define your future.