[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] All our lives we are told by our elders that we need to learn from them and not repeat their mistakes. This is also true especially when you start your own business. Some people might scorn at how the simplest lessons we learned as a child could help expand our business.

Lesson # 1: Be nice. When we were young, we were told that we have to play and be nice to others. We need to compliment those who deserve to be complimented. You would have a lot of competitors in your business and the one thing that would ensure order and peace is if you would extend the hand of friendship. You would also need to be nice to your customers of course, especially those who are patronizing your products and services.

Lesson #2: Remember to trust people. Not everybody is out to get you or your business. There are some people who know more about one side of the business than you and you have to take heed their advices.

Lesson #3: It is bad to gossip. Rumors would not get you anywhere and it would only negatively affect your credibility. You have to remember that if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.

Lesson #4: Do not expect everyone to like you or what you do. You cannot please everyone but you sure need to try so that your business would flourish. There are some situations in which your customers or your competitors would not like what you are doing even if you’re doing the right thing. And that is okay. What is important is that you’re in the right track. Remember that people have a right to their own opinion and you need to respect that.

Lesson #5: Being unique is being special. This calls for unity in diversity. Not all people are created equal and your employees are no exception. You have to note each of their unique abilities because with your meticulous planning; it might just be the key your business needs to grow.