[tweetmeme source=”LessonsInBiz” only_single=false] Being innovative does not mean that you will be designing a technologically-advanced product. It also means being creative and original in laying out your product or in serving your customers. For you to be truly innovative, you would need to know who you are catering to, who your customers are.

The edge of small business owners is that they have the opportunity to be able to build a relationship with their customers. In a small town for instance, if you are running a small store, you would know what the latest trend is and what to offer your customer in case what he wants is unavailable.  All you need to do is to come up with a fresh plan, something you haven’t thought of before which is relative to the trends your customers are following. The next thing you have to do is to assess the cost.  Since you know your market base, you would then be able to come up with inexpensive ideas which would make your customers happy and satisfied.

In offering another solution to your customer, one that is suitable to his needs and his personality, you would be able to gain the trust of your customer, not to mention they will think of you as reliable too. If you build on this reputation while coming up with more creative solutions to fill your customer’s needs, your business will surely take a turn for the better.