‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ People may come in different packages. Some has good look, others has charming appeal, and some has charisma. But whatever physical characteristics does a person has, it doesn’t define what he can do for your company.
Most often than not, experts doesn’t look like what we expect them to be. A person wearing a casual shirt and a slipper might be better than a person wearing a long sleeve and shiny shoes. It is often surprising what people can do and what they know.
A businessman must be capable of identifying the persons capability. It should not be judged according to what he wears or how he looks like. Note that your people may came from a previous experience that has something to offer for your business, and that must be something that you must identify.
Identify and find people who are credible to offer you some help. You must find people who are worthy for what they are taking from you. To secure your business’ success, identify an expert and make it an asset for your company.