‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ When Alice found the opportunity to enter the small door towards the wonderland, without any hesitation, she opened it. She is so curious that she set aside the fear and uncertainties waiting behind the small door. However, she cannot open the door because she left the key in the table. Unfortunately, she’s too small now to get the key on the table. Then, she saw a piece of cake with a text which says “Eat me”. She ate it and she started to grow bigger.

In business, we can often find doors of opportunities around us. Although we are willing to take the risk to enter the door, sometimes we are being hindered by our lack of capabilities. We do not have the right key in our hand, so we cannot simply grab on the opportunities.

When you want to enter the door of new opportunity, you need to grow big first to get the key. You need to view things in a bigger perspective. Get advise from those who have established their business and already successful. You must treat yourself as somebody big, because the lessons you will get from bigger businesses is the key for you to enter the small of opportunities.

Now, go and eat that piece of cake. Return to the door of opportunities when you already got the key in your hand.