‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ An athlete works hard prior to the competition. It is not a joke to dedicate time and effort to practice and to prepare for the competition. The burden of an athlete doesn’t end on the never ending practice. The biggest battle is on the day of competition. Having a good practice cannot guarantee an athlete to win the competition. During the competition, an athlete may be experiencing danger of falling way short and may not be able to win the game. But with perseverance and the aspiration to finish the game, the athlete may end up winning the game.

In business, you may often find it frustrating to continue on your operation. You may encounter a situation wherein you have given all your best, all your time and all your effort only to get disappointing results. But like an athlete, you should not give up. It is part of the game to become frustrated, and the only way to win over the frustration is to keep going and finish the game.

Success is just around the corner. Set your focus towards the goal and do not be discouraged by the initial setbacks and the never ending challenges. Just like an athlete, keep going.