‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ You can be serious with what you are doing but you should treat your business as an adventure. Things don’t need to be boring. You can always work with open mind and creativity.

Imposing creativity in your workplace will enable interactivity in the workplace. It is important that employees feel that they are into an adventure when working with your business.

Although encouraging creativity will enforce some rules, it will also permit flexibility. With the flexibility, the employees will be challenged with what they are doing.

When you impose challenges, employees may feel the burden, but this is the great way to make them productive. This will enforce your employees to think something creative, something great and something useful for your business.

When there is a challenge, there is a pressure. Behind the pressure and the burden, there’s a triggering element for the employees to feel empowered to do their job in a fun way.