‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ We cannot deny the fact that people still looking for authentic business. Only when you are real you can find respect from other people. Do not draw a façade just to please all your customers. You must be real eventhough you know that you are risking a potential customers. People understand that you cannot do everything. Although it is your utmost desire to serve and please everybody with your business, you have to accept the fact and let your customer understand about it that not all the time you can provide what they needed.

If your customer is asking you about something that is beyond the scope of your business, do not take the risk of grasping it. The opportunity that is offered to you might bring you disaster, be honest with your customer and simply tell that is not your repertoire. You can suggest alternative or other resources to compensate with their needs.

Transparency is always the rule. If you are authentic with your business, you will also get authentic customers. It is important for the business to be real to get real customers. Identify what you can and what you cannot do.