‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ If your business is losing money, you should not remain blind and deaf. There must be something you need to know why it happened. At first instance of lost, you need to investigate and find out immediately. Do not wait for it to happen again. Operating a business is prone to errors. Even the top marketing experts commit error. To counteract on this, you must be aware of the most common marketing errors.

1. Lack of marketing campaign

We are too often focusing on our products and services that we forget to make a marketing campaign so that our business gets exposure. Just because you build it doesn’t mean you have it. You should develop a marketing campaign and implement it and let the whole world know about your business.

2. No combination of Online and Offline marketing

Most businesses failed to combine the online and offline marketing. They pick one and neglect the other. In marketing world, you must take all the available opportunity. You can have both online and offline marketing and that would help you maximize your marketing campaign

3. Failure to track marketing efforts

There’s a lack of tracing which among the marketing campaigns failed. A well planned marketing campaign sometimes doesn’t work. So before exerting too much effort on working out with a marketing plan, you must determine if it is effective or not so that you can simply eliminate it if it is not of help to your business and put more attention on what is working.

4. Lack of follow up

This is the most common error. The worst thing you can do is just to send a lousy email to your possible client and forget about them. There must be a need for you to follow up with your possible clients and exert a little effort to persuade.