‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ We all know that with the situation of our economy, small businesses can hardly improve their sales. Most of the time, when we desire to increase our sales, we are desperately looking for a way to highlight our market.

One of the most common attempt to alleviate our business passivity is to cut the prices. This is indeed a very desperate move. You must avoid the temptation of cutting your prices. You may say that you are in a competitive environment and you must do something to stand out, but cutting of prices should not be the solution. If you give discount to your products and services just for the purpose of getting sales, it will slowly erode your profit and eventually, your brand. Cutting of prices will only show the impression that you are getting desperate and you lack confidence to your products and services.

The customers may interpret it in two ways, either you have charged it too much or your products and services are not that good that is hy you cut the prices down. Either way, it’s a negative perception. So say a big NO to price cutting, this will just make your customers expect for more discounts and they will end up sitting around on your products and services waiting for more discount before buying.