‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ Just a few days ago that Amanda wrote about how to react on negative nellies.hem?

Dealing with negative people seems like a daily occurence lately.  Nobody seems to ever be pleased.  You know the kind.  No matter what you do or say, you can’t seem to make these people happy or even semi-happy.  For business owners, we deal with negative nellies often.

Very true. If I suddenly meet these kind of people, I usually step back a little and grab a few minutes to relax. Of course, it’s very inevitable that we can be affected to what they have said about you and/or your business. I don’t want to impulsively react to that situation. When I already have relaxed, that is when I respond.

Now, how about you? How do you react? What tip can you give to avoid digging deep the hole to your business’ failure?