‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ For almost a week ago, Susan has written about tips on taking care customers’ loyalty where she invited a couple of really well known and successful small business owners sharing their experiences and insights.

Retaining customer’s loyalty is as important as targeting new customers and I bet it’s more difficult than the latter. Honestly, all tips from the experts interviewed by Susan are all great and I really want to thank Susan for taking this initiative to interview them.

I also just wanted to share to my readers about retaining customer’s loyalty to your business. In my humble experience, I can summarize it to 2 very important ways.  First, is to listen to what they need. Second is to respond positively to their queries.

Put yourself as the customer. Is there anything more painful to you when the business you trusted with does not listen and does nothing for your concerns?

We all became customers on different ways so I am very pretty sure it’s not hard for you to relate the same sentiments as I have. But this usually happens and I even did experience it earlier today from my internet service provider.

I think the bottomline here is — treat your customers as how you have wanted to be treated too as a customer. Then if we bear this in mind, retaining their loyalty won’t be that too hard also.