‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ There’s no one in this world who can better solve our problems than ourselves. Just like any other physicians do, they try to cure themselves according to what they have learned from a long, difficult years of studying for their profession. Same goes with business. We, entrepreneurs must also learn how to be consultants for our own business.

I have found a great article from Entrepreneur.Com where Sid Kemp, the only globally acclaimed project management professional focusing on small business, have pointed out really great tips on how we can be consultants to our own business. I quoted a few below of these tips below.

1. List your problems.
Here’s a technique called The Power of Negative Thinking, from Barbara Sher’s Wishcraft. Get a friend and give him a pad and pen. Launch into a standup comedy routine. That’s right. Stand up. Talk loudly. Complain. Bitch and moan. The theme is: Here’s what’s wrong with my business. Have your friend write down every complaint.

2. Pick one.
So now you have a list of problems. But you can only fix one at a time. So pick one.
How? Well, try this. Which problem:

  • Is killing your business?
  • Is driving you nuts?
  • Looks like an easy place to start?
  • Can you fix yourself, with little or no help?
  • Will bring in, or save, the most money?

There are a lot more to learn. You must check out this article — 6 Steps to Better Business Solutions.

Answer any of those questions. Pick one; then get moving.