‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ Jason Calacanis offers some advice from Business Week, what should entrepreneurs do if start up is falling and presented key points for evaluation whether or not an entrepreneur  could overcome a common business failure signs.

Here is a really easy way to figure out if you can deal with the mess in front of you. Ask yourself if you can handle the following situations:

1. Laying off half your staff.

2. Laying off half your staff again three months later.

3. Spending 20 hours a week on the phone being yelled at and threatened while trying to renegotiate a dozen contracts—like your T1, phone system, rent, equipment leases, etc.

4. Having an investor scream at you and tell you they will ruin you, your career, and that “you’ll never raise money again.”

5. Laying off half your staff for a third time.

6. Getting served a half-dozen lawsuits, courtesy of the folks who you tried to renegotiate with in point number three who wouldn’t deal.

7. Having one of the people you’re renegotiating with come to your office every week and ask for his check in person.

8. Having the same media outlet that once claimed you were the next Barry Diller write that you’re a fraud.

9. Not getting a good night’s sleep for six months.

10. Having dozens of paying clients default on their bills.

11. Having staffers who you really need to double-down and focus walk out the door after you helped make their careers.

So, you think you can face the key points presented above? Check out more of this in his post -> What to Do if Your Startup Is Failing.