‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ 1.) Get Rigorously Honest About Your Fears … Otherwise, They Will Run Your Business Into the Ground

Fear is activated in the most primitive part of the brain — the reptilian brain. It signals danger. In life and death situations, fear is an important survival mechanism to act quickly, mobilizing strength, courage and power we never thought we had.

In most situations, however, fear is a serious liability. When fear runs you, you can’t see its control over you. It impairs thinking, paralyzes decision-making and drives reactionary behavior.

To shift from fear to fearlessness, you must first get rigorously honest how fear may be running you right now.

  • What fears about your business, the current economy or the future dominate your thoughts right now?
  • How might those fears be costing your business?
  • Who would you be without those fears? How might your future be different when coming from that fearless place?

The above is my favorite small business lesson – small business tip that Denise Corcoran shared in her article Fearless Business Growth: Making 2009 Big, Bold and Profitable … Even in a Recession. You have to check it out guys. It’s definitely worth the read.