‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ It’s January of every year that resolutions are found in every article, in every blog and a lot more of online resources. Well, not because I wanted to go with the flow but it’s just that I found a very helpful article written by Tim Berry.  It does not isolate the thoughts for just plain resolutions but I believe the tips he presented are really helpful for small business owners especially in planning your business.

1. Choose Your Target Well

Obvious? Good. It should be. Change what you do, not who you are. Change habits, not attributes. Change behavior.

2. Make it Concrete, Specific, and Measurable

Avoid generalities. For example, not just “lose weight,” but rather stop drinking soft drinks between meals, or stop eating after 8 p.m., or stop having the donut with the morning coffee. Not just “more exercise,” but what days, how much, what routines, how long.

3. Set Specific Review Tactics

Wow, this sounds really nerdy and list-making annoying, doesn’t it? Scares me. Maybe that’s why I’m not so good at resolution keeping (do what I say, not what I do). But I said I’m taking this from my business planning practice, and in business planning if you don’t schedule your plan review in advance you’ve diminished your chances of implementation by half or more. So in New Year’s Resolutions, set up your reviews.

The three tips are in fact satisfyingly substantiable information but Tim have explained it further in his post. Check this out -> A Planner’s 3 Rules on Resolutions.