One very important thing that almost all of the employers often overlooked is the good treatment that their most important asset deserves. You know what’s the most important asset of your company? Well, no other than – your dear employees.

The smartest investment you’ll make in this economy is your investment in your employees. Companies that plan to survive, even thrive, in this economy should increase their investments in their employees. That’s right. Companies should invest more in their employees during this challenging economic period.

Forget those CDOs (collateralized debt obligations) or CDSs (collateralized debt swaps) and Wall Street banks hoping for a comeback or those secret Santa Claus-like portfolios of sub-prime home loans you’ve heard are all the rage. Forget about green energy technologies like wind or solar or geothermal. The smartest investment you’ll make in this or any economy is your investments in your employees.

And above is quoted from a wonderful article by Zane Safrit about The Smartest Investment You’ll Make in This Economy. Check it out and learn more what you have to take care more of.