‘[tweetmeme source=”RoseA_smallbiz” only_single=false]’ Anita Campbell, the Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Trends finally have written her thoughts on this very talked about, alarming financial US crisis today in her article On the Credit Crisis and Rescue Plans.

This so-called “bailout plan” for the credit crisis was something I was initially skeptical about.  It felt like more regulation and more taxes just waiting to jump out at us.

But events over the past two weeks have shown that the credit situation is more far-reaching than many of us initially realized.  It’s become an issue overshadowing the world economy, not just the U.S.

Rather than ignoring it, I think we need to talk about the current credit crisis and what should be done about it.

Well, Anita’s right. An action has to be done for this crisis to be resolved. And take note of the bail out plan, guys- it’s $700 Billion. If the government can bail out large corporations, why don’t they try to bail out small businesses as well?