b Dr. Susan L. Reid helps entrepreneurial women worldwide become successful small business owners. And yes, she shared an important rule for business owners to work out and that is – How to Define Your Niche for Your New Business.

So what does this niche is all about? And what it can do to business? Well, a good niche statement highlights what’s special about your business. It expresses your unique selling position to the world and lets your target niche know what you can deliver. She effectively presented also a formula for a successful and well written niche.

Niche Statement Formula for Success

There are just four things you need to include in your niche statement:

  • Your niche
  • Their problem
  • Your solution
  • Your promise

Stated simply, the niche statement formula: niche + problem + solution + promise = success.

How much we would love this word – SUCCESS – in our business. Well, read more and learn more from Susan’s expertise and continue reading How to Define Your Niche for Your New Business!